Come and visit our quiet cafe-styled salon near Nerima station.
Whether it's a wave and Glade MIX digital colour perm or proposing a cute adult style, we create the ideal choice for you by understanding your needs individually on a one to one basis - giving you that extra step up.
We also take time to create high-quality treatment of any hair damage type using our 4-step system that has been carefully selected.
Please also consider our exquisite selection of nail art.


Salon Manager
Ryota Yoshida

Salon Manager

Ryota Yoshida Ryota Yoshida

I adore the communcation with our customers - it is the key to great style! I love to use wax to create very rough looking styles.
To ensure you can keep the style after you leave the salon I'll give you the details of how to do it yourself at home. Please leave it to me to give you a new, bold look!
May favourite word is 'passion' ! Come and visit us at Step by Step!

Art Director
Mina Sato

Art Director

Mina Sato Mina Sato

We aim to create a combined style to ensure that it fits your facial structure and hair flow.
Making great form for short and Bob styles, with a beautiful soft look that encorporate a French style.
From everyday styling of perms and straight designs to specific styling arrangements that uses your natural hair texture.

Yuko Niizuma


Yuko Niizuma Yuko Niizuma

I cherish the time together with each and every customer. My speciality is in bob and medium soft, regardless of style. I want to work with my customers closely to build up a personal style for them.
Please let us know if you require hair and makeup, as well as for bridal and kimono hair and makeup styles.

Tetsuya Hatakeyama


Tetsuya Hatakeyama Tetsuya Hatakeyama

Based on your lifestyle and fashion, I can suggest the best type of hairstyle that works for you.
I also keep in mind the best way for you to care for the styles I make and also the best way to treat any damaged hair.
My speciality style for females is a beautiful round form.





I have a passion to create shortcut and bob hairstyles with great form. We aim to provide hairstyles with beautiful form that fits your facial structure and personalised to you. We want to encourage you to try something new, regardless of gender, with us. We aim to make a style that is perfect for you while being completely bespoke.


Salon Manager
Kanako Taguchi

Salon Manager

Kanako Taguchi Kanako Taguchi

I love spending my days making nail designs that work with hair and makeup to provide a way for your own personality to shine through. I want you to have that great feeling when your fingertips sparkle!

Kokoro Tsuboi


Kokoro Tsuboi Kokoro Tsuboi

It's ok to feel a tendency to want to look after your own nails. We aim to make sure that you never get tired of your own nails using cute art styles and colours to suit your needs to make sure you always leave us feeling happy!
Why not come in and design something together!

Marina Katsushima


Marina Katsushima Marina Katsushima

In beauty care, nails are the one thing that is most visable to everyone. This is why we like to use the best of current technology to keep our customers satisfied. From unique nail art to nails that complements your own beauty and style.
We aim to ensure that we make nails to suit our customer's lifestyle!

Megumi Tamura

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Step by Step Nerima

3F・4F Levante, Toyotamakita, Nerima-ku 5-17-21. Tokyo

Hair Salon: 03-3557-7709
Nail Salon: 03-6915-8802
Mon. Wednesday to Saturday: 11am ~ 9pm
Sunday & national holidays: 11am ~ 8pm
Every Tuesday
* For hair cut, please arrive at least 1hr before closing
* For nails, please arrive at least 1hr & a half before closing

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1 minute walk from Seibu Ikebukuro Line Nerima Station Central Exit
Subway Oedo Line Nerima Station A1 · A2 30 seconds walk from the exit


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